News People Three-year-old thrown high into the air by kite

Three-year-old thrown high into the air by kite

kite girl
The girl was thrown high in the air, trapped in the kite's tail. Photo: YouTube
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A three-year-old girl has been thrown violently into the air by a gust of wind, after getting tangled in the tail of a kite.

With enormous good fortune, the youngster reportedly escaped with just minor cuts after the horrifying accident at a kite festival in Taiwan.

The Taiwan News said the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at Hsinchu, a region in the country’s north-east famous for its high winds.

The little girl, whose surname has been given as Lin, somehow got caught in the long tail of a kite. When it was accidentally set flying by a sudden gust, she was pulled into the sky.

Footage share on social media shows the girl swinging violently in the sky for several seconds before the kite was pulled down by someone on the ground. There’s screaming and yelling from those nearby before the youngster is caught by people on the ground.

She was sent to hospital with her mother, where it was found she had suffered minor scratches to her face and neck – not to mention a huge fright.