News People Australian woman released after four years in Bali jail over death of police officer

Australian woman released after four years in Bali jail over death of police officer

sara connor bali jail
Sara Connor is escorted to an immigration car after her release from prison in Bali on Thursday. Photo: AAP
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Australian woman Sara Connor has been released from a Bali prison.

Ms Connor has spent four years in the Denpasar Female Prison, inside Kerobokan Prison, over the death of Bali police officer Wayan Sudarsa.

His body was found bloodied and battered on Kuta Beach in August 2016.

Ms Connor is being taken to the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, located in Jimbaran, Bali.

The 49-year-old from Byron Bay maintained her innocence after Mr Sudarsa’s body was found on Kuta Beach in August 2016.

sara connor bali jail
Sara Connor was sentenced to four years’ jail for her role in the killing of a Bali policeman.

She said at the time all she attempted to do was separate her British boyfriend David Taylor from Mr Sudarsa as they struggled on the beach.

A fight had broken out between Taylor and Mr Sudarsa over the Australian’s missing handbag.

The veteran officer had 42 wounds to his body, including more than a dozen to his head and neck.

A forensic expert said the police officer died on the beach several hours after the fight.

sara connor bali jail
Sara Connor’s boyfriend David Taylor remains in jail. Photo: ABC

Taylor admitted to bashing the officer with a mobile phone, some binoculars, his fists and a beer bottle as the men struggled, but argued he was acting in self-defence.

Taylor was found guilty of group assault leading to death and sentenced to six years’ jail.

Ms Connor expressed fear that she would not get to see her two young sons – who are being cared for by her ex-husband in Byron Bay – grow up.

Ms Connor admitted to destroying the police officer’s ID cards and, with Taylor’s help, burning their bloodied clothes.

In their final plea to the judges during Ms Connor’s trial, her defence team said she was guilty only of destroying evidence, which carried a maximum seven-month jail term.

Ms Connor said she let Taylor burn bloodstained clothing because she was scared and was thinking of her children.

She made an emotional plea to Denpasar District Court judges during her trial, saying she had no role in the death of Mr Sudarsa.

“I believe in the truth, which I have said to the police and in court from the beginning,” she said.

“I have never denied being there, but I swear I have never harmed the victim.”

Ms Connor admitted to cutting up the officer’s ID cards from his wallet, but said it was to protect him from identity theft.

“I was not intoxicated, I never had the intention of destroying and/or concealing evidences,” she said.