News People Clive Palmer shares the secret to his 40kg weight loss

Clive Palmer shares the secret to his 40kg weight loss

clive palmer weight loss
Before and after: Clive Palmer has lost 40 kilograms and plans to lose more. Photo: AAP
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Businessman and former politician Clive Palmer has dropped a whopping 40 kilograms over the last few months – and he wants to lose more.

Mr Palmer took to Twitter to share the good news, writing: “I’m down to 111kg now which is 40kg lost. Aiming for another 20kg to lose.”

The 62-year-old attributed his drastic slim-down to two things: his wife and weight-loss food program Lite n’ Easy.

“I’ve gone from 153kg right the way down to 111kg today and I’m aiming to get to 92kg,” he told The Courier Mail.

Mr Palmer said he was not being paid to endorse Lite n’ Easy, which delivers pre-made healthy meals to its customers’ homes.

He also said the support of his wife, Anna, was invaluable.

“My wife does give me a daily kiss every time I weigh in on time and that creates the greatest incentive for me,” Mr Palmer revealed.

“I think it’s healthier, it’s a better example for people and it stands there to say, if you’re a fat person and you’re sick of being fat, you don’t have to be.”

Mr Palmer has vowed to lose weight several times in the past. In 2009, he swore he would slim down after a health scare in which he suffered chest pains whilst watching an A-league match.

clive palmer wife
Clive Palmer’s wife, Anna. Photo: AAP

“Unfortunately, I was too enthusiastic eating pies at half-time and got a bit of reflux or something like that,” he told The Courier Mail.

“I was feeling unwell and had pains in my chest. The tests I’ve taken have shown that I do not have a heart problem, but I will certainly be ensuring my lifestyle is improved so I can stay healthy in the future.

“I’ll think we’ll see a new person next year. I won’t be as heavy as I am. After this experience, my message to all Queenslanders is this: don’t be embarrassed, be sure.

“If you suspect there may be an issue with your health, then get it checked out so you can be sure you’re fine or get the problem treated.”

Mr Palmer has also battled sleep apnoea, a condition often associated with obesity.

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