News People Old photos of ‘hot, young’ Tim Kaine set internet on fire

Old photos of ‘hot, young’ Tim Kaine set internet on fire

Before he was a dorky dad, Tim Kaine looked like a Hollywood hunk. Photo: Getty
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Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton might have a secret weapon up her sleeve in the US presidential election: throwback photos of her running mate, Tim Kaine.

The 58-year-old senator from Virginia was recently announced as Clinton’s pick for Vice President should she get elected, prompting internet sleuths to do some digging on the former civil rights lawyer.

What they uncovered, along with Kaine’s fluency in Spanish and a stint spent working with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras, was that Kaine in his younger years was a bona fide babe.

Drawing comparisons to Superman heartthrob Henry Cavill, vintage photos of Kaine show a man who possessed the kind of piercing blue eyes, chiselled jawline and perfect hair usually seen on movie stars.

Like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Kaine favoured long, curly hair as a twenty-something.

Even when he was slightly older and a first-time father (Kaine now has three adult kids with wife Anne Holton), the former governor of Virginia had a certain twinkle in his eye.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

But Kaine wasn’t the only American politician to get some love on social media, with some pointing out Clinton also held her own in her student years.

Not to mention current Vice President Joe Biden, whose classic good looks were straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, the appraisals of young Donald Trump and young Ted Cruz were less than complimentary.

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