News People The far-fetched royal story causing a stir

The far-fetched royal story causing a stir

A very young Prince William accompanied Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Photo: AAP
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The story of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ alleged daughter-in-hiding is so far-fetched it borders on comical, but somehow the story has made headlines around the world.

According to the US gossip magazine Globe, a young Lady Diana Spencer, aged 19, was ordered by the Queen to undergo fertility tests before her engagement to Prince Charles.

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During these tests, Diana’s eggs were reportedly fertilised with sperm from Prince Charles, and once proven successful, their engagement was announced.

Although the embryos were ordered to be destroyed, a ‘rogue doctor’ who treated Diana took the embryos and implanted his wife with them.

The woman gave birth two months after the royal wedding, making the girl the heir to the throne, ahead of Prince William.kate-middleton-510

The story from there becomes even more inconceivable.

The girl, called Sarah, was always told growing up how much she looked like Diana, and when her parents were killed in a car accident in her 20s, she discovered a diary which revealed she was conceived through a donated embryo.

After years of trying to trace her real family, Sarah received a threatening message on her answering machine, warning her to stop trying to find her true parents ‘if she valued her life’.

Sarah, who is supposed to be now aged 33, lives in America in hiding with a secret identity, but recently met Princess Katherine in a secret meeting in New York.

“This was the real reason for the couple’s trip to The Big Apple. The other events were just a cover. William wants to know the truth,” a ‘royal insider’ told Globe.

So how plausible is this story, really?

Daily Mail claims it has done the research and found that Diana told friends she was forced to undergo fertility tests before her marriage to Prince Charles.

So what about rogue embryo-stealing doctor and the illegitimate daughter living in hiding, scared for her life? You be the judge.

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