News People Karl’s chuckling ‘apology’ for racism

Karl’s chuckling ‘apology’ for racism

The Today Show
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Popular TV host Karl Stefanovic has muffled giggles while apologising for an allegedly racist joke.

On Friday morning, The Today Show star made several puns while issuing a “sincere” apology for typecasting all Indians as low-paid convenience store workers.

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“Our country is richer for having you — and so are our sauces,” he said.

Mr Stefanovic sparked a backlash on social media earlier in the week when he asked Indian cricket fans at the Sydney Cricket Ground “who’s going to be manning 7-elevens today?” to howls of laughter in the studio.

Indians work as doctors, authors, artists, TV stars, film makers and all manner of professions, an article in Fairfax Media reminded the host.

As penance, Mr Stefanovic ate a spicy curry on air.

“Has anybody got a slurpee?” he then asked, before hiding his face behind a sheet of paper and laughing.

He insisted his apology was heartfelt.

“For anyone interpreting the comments in a different way, my sincere heartfelt apologies.

“I love India and I love the contribution Indians make across many different vocations in this great country.”

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