News People ‘At home with Tone’: satire pokes fun at Abbott

‘At home with Tone’: satire pokes fun at Abbott

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‘At home with Tone’ is the latest effort by the Internet (that’s what we’ll call the collective noun for everyone who posts political satire online) to poke fun at Tony Abbott.

The first episode is situated in The Lodge’s dining room while he and his family (Margie, Louise, Bridget and Frances) enjoy a meal after Monday’s motion to spill the Liberal Party leadership was unsuccessful.

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The slow speech, repetitions and pauses are all spot-on but it’s the haunting Abbott laugh that really sends shivers down your spine.

When the brilliantly cast Tony Abbott, played by Jonas Holt, says to his wife and daughters, “I just don’t understand what I have done to deserve all this”, his family are quick to list some of the Liberal Party’s most unpopular policies:

“The National Climate Change,” says the first daughter.
“Marriage equality,” quips the second daughter.
“Medicare,” chimes in another.
“Freya Newman,” says the first daughter again.
“Probably the Canadia thing,” adds the last daughter.

We’re not going to lie to you; the three-minute video will make you pretty uncomfortable.

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