News People Fans’ misguided Robbie Williams tribute

Fans’ misguided Robbie Williams tribute

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Twitter users have taken to the social media site following the death of comedian Robin Williams but have mistakenly paid tribute to English singer Robbie Williams.

The hashtag #RobbieWilliams was trending alongside #RIPRobinWilliams thanks to mistaken Twitter users, according to a Daily Mail Australia report.

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The 63-year-old comedian tragically passed away this week, with tributes pouring in from the likes of Barack Obama, Prince William and comedians including Steve Carrell.

Social media commentators posted tributes like “RIP Robbie Williams. Shocked so many good songs”, and “RIP Robbie Williams. Such a great songwriter and stole a nation’s heart.”

Other mourners took to the site to accuse people of playing along with an inappropriate joke.