News People Hildebrand cops backlash over Thorpe tweet

Hildebrand cops backlash over Thorpe tweet

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Television and radio host Joe Hildebrand has apologised after a controversial tweet about Ian Thorpe’s homosexuality landed him in hot water.

Referencing Thorpe’s tell-all interview with Michael Parkinson in which he came out as gay, Hildebrand joked that “if he really wanted to shock people he should’ve said that he was straight”.

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Critics labelled the sarcastic missive “stupid”, “immature” and “unbelievable”, prompting Hildebrand to post an apology on his Twitter profile, reiterating his support for Thorpe’s brave decision.

However, Twitter users were still not satisfied, prompting Hildebrand to further apologise for his joke.

Many felt that the damage had already been done and Hildebrand’s apologies were too little, too late.

“Joe, I heard jokes like that as a teenager,” writer Benjamin Law tweeted. “They f—ing hurt.”

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