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Speaking Honey Badger

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As Australia prepares to take on France in the first big fixture of the international rugby season this Saturday, we introduce Australia’s secret weapon.

Enter Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins.

“The Badge” has made a name for himself, not only as a blistering winger, but a master of rapid-fire Australian slang.

His wild wordplay has been on display during some of the most colourful post-match interviews of the Super Rugby season.

A Facebook page dedicated to his unequalled command of the Australian vernacular has surpassed 66,000 likes.

During a post match interview (below), Cummins described how he came to adopt the “Honey Badger” moniker after watching the animal “go toe-to-toe” with a lion.

Before the international season gets underway, The New Daily thought it would do a favour for international rugby fans and provide them with a special guide to understanding Australian slang.

A guide to speaking Honey Badger

Nick Cummins: Going off like a bride’s nightie

Translation: Performing very well

NC: I’ve gone up ‘n’ over ‘n’ head over biscuit

T: I fell

NC: A look … like someone just asked me to clean the toilet

T: An expression revealing duress

NC: Last year we were all sizzle and no steak

T: We didn’t perform in line with expectations

NC: Busting for a bit of meat

T: Wanting to score a try

NC: I’d need four facelifts and a bum tuck to be a shot

T: It will be difficult to gain selection as I continue to age

NC: Busier than a one-armed brick layer in Baghdad

T: Working tirelessly

NC: Wetting a line

T: Going fishing

NC: On it like seagulls at a tip

T: Hungry for victory

NC: Going off like a raw prawn

T: Playing good football

NC: As tough as woodpecker lips

T: Resilient

NC: Up the guts and into ‘em

T: Run hard and straight

NC: One of them Fox setups

T: Pay-TV