News People Abbott butt of American talk show jokes

Abbott butt of American talk show jokes

Talk show host John Oliver profiles Tony Abbott as "the hard line right wing prime minister who rose to power promising to be religiously anti-immigration".
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Ouch. John Oliver, the American host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, has satirised Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as part of his running series, Other Countries’ Presidents of the United States.

“Did you know there are other countries that are not America and each of them has a leader of its very own?” John Oliver asked.

“Let’s take a moment to meet one.”

The video description hails him as “Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the instigator of a wink-related scandal. He sometimes puts his foot in his mouth and other times chooses to say nothing at all.”

Did US viewers see the infamous Winkgate moment? Yes.

A school kid describing how his mum calls the prime minister “Tony Dumb Dumb”? Yes.

Abbott’s comment that he’d probably “feel a bit threatened” by gays? Yes.

His “s*** happens” comment while discussing a Queensland soldier killed in Afghanistan? Yes.

His “housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing” remark? Yes.

Viewers even saw a shirtless Abbott on the beach in his budgie smugglers.

Abbott was described on the show as a “hard-line right wing prime minister” who “rose to power promising to be pro-business and religiously anti-immigration”.

The show then noted Abbott was born in England.

“What is it about Tony Dumb Dumb that has led to his current approval rating of 30 per cent?” the show asked its viewers.

“Could it be that he has personally insulted everyone else in the country from women, to gays, to anyone remotely Irish, to elderly cancer-ridden phone sex workers?”

The segment comes as Abbott embarks on a tour to Europe, Canada and the US, with a stop at the White House to meet Obama.

Oliver is no stranger to Australia, winning an Emmy last year for a segment he did on another US political-comedy show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about Australia’s successful implementation of gun laws.

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