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Lorde’s Twitter tirade

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Seventeen-year-old singer Lorde has fought back against the dangerous behaviour of celebrity paparazzi in a Twitter tirade naming and shaming a particular photographer who she claims makes her feel “scared”.

The native New Zealander shared a photo of the man she identified as Simon Runting on her Twitter account yesterday, accusing him of stalking her.

“I am scared of him,” Lorde wrote, before proceeding to share the photo several more times, as well as images Runting took of singer Rihanna in her hotel room last year.

The young star also shared a link to the man’s Facebook page and used her experience to speak out about the nature of celebrity and the unacceptable lack of privacy.

“I refuse to stay complicit and I refuse to stay passive about men systematically subjecting me to extreme fear,” Lorde wrote.

“This should not be an accepted standard for young women or anyone in this industry.”

She concluded her tirade by writing, “I understand that this comes with the territory. I do not understand why I should be complacent.”