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Cobain attacks Love

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In a note written by Kurt Cobain and found in his wallet after his death, the late singer accuses wife Courtney Love of “siphoning” his money for “doping and whoring”.

Seattle police have only just released the previously unseen note, over 20 years after Cobain’s death. It was originally kept secret and logged as evidence after investigators found it in Cobain’s wallet following his 1994 suicide.

“Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawfully shredded wife even when she’s a b**ch with zits and siphoning all yr [sic] money for doping and whoring,” the Nirvana frontman scrawls in messy handwriting.

The letter provides a stark contrast to Cobain’s official suicide note, in which he gushed about his former wife and described her as “a goddess of a wife who sweats with ambition and empathy”.

This latest revelation could easily be interpreted as a playful lovers quarrel, although Love is yet to comment.

The tumultuous nature of the pair’s relationship was no secret, with many conspirators accusing Love of having a hand in Cobain’s death on April 8, 1994.

Cobain is survived by his 21-year-old daughter with Love, Frances Bean.

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