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Hair today, gone …

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A New York woman is suing hair transplant firm Microdot after she claims $250,000 hair treatments left her permanently bald.

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Fifty-six-year-old Manhattan resident Deborah Betesh claims that two years of undergoing new treatments promising to give her the “hair of her dreams” instead left her with large bald patches.

When her remaining hair fell out, court papers state that Ms Betesh was forced to buy a “permanent artificial wig for several thousands of dollars.”

A lawyer for Ms Betesh told the New York Post that Microdot’s procedure was “an egregious case of fraud, misrepresentation and deceptive business practices.”

However, Microdot insists that Ms Betesh actually suffers from a hair-pulling disorder called trichotillomania  and is “disgruntled” that she wasted her money on ineffective treatment.

A representative from the company told the New York Post that Ms Betesh suffers from the disorder and only paid $4800 for the Microdot treatment, which is comparable to getting hair extensions.