News People Corby: ‘I feel like a crab’

Corby: ‘I feel like a crab’

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Australians have heard Schapelle Corby’s first words since she was released from jail, with the drug smuggler saying “I feel like a crab”.

Her comments were captured on camera by Channel Seven as she was ushered into a van outside Bali’s Kerobokan Prison on her release.

Footage of the moment is featured in Sunday Night’s teaser of its exclusive interview with the 39-year-old, which will air on Sunday.

Corby spent nine years in jail after she was caught with a bodyboard bag full of marijuana.

As the van exits the prison complex, Schapelle lets out the contented whoop of a free woman.

“Nice one, driver. Woohoo,” she says from behind the scarf she used to hide her face.

When she steps into the luxury private resort where her brother and sister are waiting, she begins to laugh, jump up and down and hug her brother Michael and sister Mercedes.

“You can take your thing off now,” her brother tells her, and she removes the veil.

The former beauty school student can also be seen Skyping her mother Rosleigh Rose back in Australia, and hugging her nieces and nephews.

Sunday Night’s interview with Corby reportedly cost the commercial network several million dollars.

It also sparked a raid of its offices last week by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as part of a proceeds of crime investigation.

Seven and Mercedes Corby are suing the AFP over the raids.

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