News National Federal MP Andrew Laming reveals ADHD diagnosis

Federal MP Andrew Laming reveals ADHD diagnosis

Andrew Laming says some of his behaviour can be explained by his recent diagnosis. Photo: AAP
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Andrew Laming says he’s been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after the Prime Minister forced him to apologise for harassing women online and made him undertake empathy training.

The federal MP says he had “no idea” ADHD was an adult condition even though he is a trained medical doctor and there is a history of the condition in his family.

Dr Laming is about to return to work after being ordered to take a month off to seek help. He’s told News Corp his diagnosis is “not an excuse” but it helps explain some of his behaviour.

Two weeks ago, the Liberal National Party took formal action to make sure the veteran MP could not recontest his Brisbane-based seat.

That followed a horror month that saw Dr Laming forced to apologise in Parliament after two female constituents accused him of abusing them online. One said the abuse left her suicidal.

He was also accused of taking a photograph of a woman bending over in her workplace without her consent, while her underwear was visible. Police investigated the matter but no action was taken.

“As a medically trained person, I … genuinely just had no idea that ADHD and hyperactivity was an adult condition,” Dr Laming said on Wednesday.

“I just spoke honestly and openly with someone who understands ADHD intimately. It was very quick.

“I took medication the next day. On the second day I am just absolutely clear on the biological nature of this. I was stunned that I had taken a tablet and the thoughts I had lived with, all my life, raging in my head were just polite.”