News National Travel bubble with Singapore in the works, but no progress with New Zealand

Travel bubble with Singapore in the works, but no progress with New Zealand

Got your jab? If so, vaccinated Australians will be welcome in Singapore and vice versa. Photo: Singapore Air
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The Australian government is reportedly working on a plan to create a travel bubble with Singapore.

If struck, the deal could also establish Singapore as a quarantine gateway for travellers on their way to Australia, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald report.

Under the plan, Australians would be allowed to travel to Singapore without approval from the Department of Home Affairs, provided they have been vaccinated for coronavirus.

Singaporeans who have had the the jab would be able to travel to Australia without having to complete two weeks of hotel quarantine.

It may also be possible for people from other countries to enter Australia via Singapore after completing quarantine in the Southeast Asian city-state.

Meanwhile, attempts at similar arrangements with New Zealand appear at a stalemate.

scott morrison new zealand
Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern haven’t been able to launch a two-way travel bubble.

Eastern Australian states have allowed New Zealanders to travel freely to Australia since late last year but NZ is yet to reciprocate.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been frustrated with Australian states flicking the switch from open borders, or ‘green zone’, to closed, or ‘red zone’, on short notice in response to NZ outbreaks.

From that frustration, it appears the two countries are no longer attempting to work together on bubble arrangements.

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Minister Chris Hipkins says a goal of shared plans between the two countries has all but been abandoned.

However Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he would happily open Australia’s borders to Kiwis when Ms Ardern chooses to.