News National A message from Alan Kohler as he prepares for The New Daily insights

A message from Alan Kohler as he prepares for The New Daily insights

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The countdown is on until one of Australia’s most experienced finance journalists begins sharing his insights with The New Daily community.

Alan Kohler will publish his first column next Monday morning, joining the fast-growing team of trusted reporters, columnists and analysts who keep readers informed through the free daily Starter emails.

In a video message to readers during his holidays, Kohler said it had been a “cracking start” to the year and he knew there would be plenty to write about in 2021.

“I want to encourage new media start-ups like The New Daily and I’m really happy to be a part of it and do what I can to help it succeed,” he told TND.

“It’s independent, it’s growing rapidly, and it’s got a lot of readers already so I think The New Daily is the coming thing.”

Kohler, who started Business Spectator in 2007 and Eureka Report in 2005, has most recently attracted a lively fan base as the “finance guy” at the end of the ABC’s nightly news bulletin.

His warmth, experience and humour have made the journalist an ABC favourite – qualities that are guaranteed to strengthen the team at TND. 

Recently, it was not only his expertise that has captured viewers’ attention.

While reporting live finance segments for ABC News from home during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Kohler’s rotating selection of books on his white desk sparked curiosity and speculation.

That’s because it was no ordinary collection.

Kohler’s daily book stack was carefully curated, with some viewers and news outlets interpreting his choice of titles and authors as cryptic codes.

“On the (International) Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, I had Jess Hill’s See What You Made Me Do and another book called Men Who Hate Women,” Kohler told TND.

“I tried to mark birthdays and anniversaries, and sometimes I just put books I liked.

“Other times there were subliminal messages about Scott Morrison.”

Other titles like Who Killed Channel 9? by Gerald Stone left attentive viewers chuckling.

Kohler is sure to build that same rapport with TND readers as he provides context and analysis during what – between more coronavirus scares, riots by Donald Trump supporters and another Boeing crash – has already shaped up to be an interesting year.

As for 2021 finance predictions, Kohler said all eyes will be on the global vaccine rollout and US President-elect Joe Biden’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“(Biden’s fiscal policy) is going to be really important, because he’s talking about ignoring the deficit and spending trillions of dollars on getting the economy going,” he said.

“If that’s what comes to pass, that’ll be terrific for the global economy and sharemarkets.”

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