News National A story so hairy that even ewe can’t believe that it really happened

A story so hairy that even ewe can’t believe that it really happened

Ewenice the sheep before her haircut. Photo: RSPCA Victoria
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Ewe can’t believe it.

After four years roaming the Victorian countryside on her own, Ewenice has finally gotten a hair cut.

The abandoned mammal was seen by a local on a property in central Victoria without a flock or any apparent owner.

Ewenice the sheep after losing 20 kilograms just in time for summer. Photo: RSPCA Victoria

But underneath more than 20 kilograms of fleece, the RSPCA found a sheep.

And after a shave and vet checkup, inspectors named her Ewenice.

“Carrying such a large fleece for an extended period of time would have had dire impact on this ewe’s welfare and quality of life,” head of inspectorate Terry Ness said.

The RSPCA said for sheep breeds specifically grown for wool production, the fleece must be removed regularly because it grows continuously and they are unable to shed.

Sheep are typically shorn at least once a year, usually in spring.

If sheep aren’t shorn, they can suffer from poor health and hygiene.

In severe cases, excess wool impedes the ability of sheep to regulate their body temperatures, which can cause them to become overheated and die in some cases.

But luckily for Ewenice, there is a happy end to her tale.

After receiving a tidy up top, she’s been sent on her way to a new home in Geelong.