News National Bear calmly peruses aisles in California supermarket, stuns shoppers

Bear calmly peruses aisles in California supermarket, stuns shoppers

A bear was spotted in a Safeway supermarket at Kings Beach, California. Photo: Facebook
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In the United States, it’s not only humans stocking up on groceries and toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic.

It turns out the local bears need to go shopping, too.

At least, they do in North California.

Last week, shoppers at the Kings Beach Safeway in Lake Tahoe were shocked to find a relaxed-looking bear perusing the fresh produce.

Footage posted to social media shows the bear turning around with a packaged item in its mouth near a display of avocados.

“We were just calmly arriving at the store,” shopper Rubi Nevarez told Reuters.

“I didn’t even imagine what we were going to find.”

But this particular supermarket is no stranger to furry intruders.

Local media reported a bear visited the same shop on August 18 – and exited with a bag of Tostitos tortilla chips.

Footage shows the bear grabbing a bag of chips before walking outside, plonking down next to a bin and tucking in.

Perhaps this second trip was to check if any avocados were ripe for guacamole.

We’ll never know what was on its mind, but it’s possible California’s devastating wildfires have been contributing to the hungry animal’s unusual behaviour.