News National Meet Dr Spot, the robot designed to protect front-line health workers

Meet Dr Spot, the robot designed to protect front-line health workers

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Meet Dr Spot. It’s not your regular kind of doctor.

But the creation by renowned robotics laboratory Boston Dynamics, in partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is designed to make treating coronavirus patients safer for health workers.

The customised version of Boston Dynamics’ standard four-legged, dog-like robot is able to measure the vital signs of patients without contact.

Dr Spot with its designers. Picture: MIT

Dr Spot can check skin temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation all at once, according to the research paper published by MIT earlier this week.

The robot also has a tablet installed so doctors and nurses can have “face to face” interviews with patients while remotely examining them.

The papers’ authors say it not only reduces the risks faced by frontline healthcare workers but also conserves personal protective equipment – which, at times, has been in short supply.

While remote vital monitoring isn’t a new concept, Dr Spot would be a unique solution to treating patients both from a distance and up close, the authors argue.

And it’s not the first time Spot has found itself in the spotlight.

Back in 2018, many on social media were frightened by footage of the four-legged robot using its claw to open a door.

But the latest footage reveals the often dubbed “killer” robot also has some killer moves.

It shows the SpotMini bopping to a cover of Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars, as well as demonstrating an impressive version of twerking.