News National Gyms reopen in Victoria despite spike in coronavirus cases

Gyms reopen in Victoria despite spike in coronavirus cases

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It’s now possible for Australians in all states to get their ‘iso bodies’ back into shape.

But a new survey shows that despite the months-long wait, most people won’t immediately return to the gym after switching to routines at home or taking up a new outdoor hobby.

Of 528 gym-goers surveyed by Reactivate Fitness, only 12 per cent said they would go back right away.

The large majority – 88 per cent – said they would rather wait and see before making any commitments.

Don’t sweat it … but take note of the rules

On Monday, Victoria became the last state to allow gyms to reopen their doors to the public.

But there are some limitations on numbers.

Up to 20 people are allowed in one space at a time, and group sessions are limited to 10 people for those aged older than 18.

It comes as the Victorian government extended its state of emergency for a further four weeks after case numbers hit the highest they’ve been in more than two months.

The recent spike in cases has prompted the government to bring back tougher restrictions.

But for now plans are going ahead to relax the rules around sport and gyms.

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Victorian teenagers and children aged 18 years and under will be allowed to play sport, too, with training and competition starting up again.

Non-contact sport is allowed across all age groups.

The Victorian ski season will also officially begin on Monday, with all accommodation given permission to reopen.

Footy teams, soccer clubs and other contact sports will be able to resume training for over 18s from July 13.

From July 20, full competition can kick off.

Clubs and community facilities will be able to reopen their change-rooms for returning players.

Gyms had already reopened in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

In NSW, gyms and other fitness activities like yoga, dancing and pilates resumed on June 13.

Like Victoria, limitations on class sizes apply: Only 10 people are allowed to participate in an indoor class, and a maximum of 100 people are allowed in large gyms at any one time.