News National How to keep romance alive with your partner under coronavirus lockdown

How to keep romance alive with your partner under coronavirus lockdown

A sexologist has offered tips to reignite passion among couples living together in lockdown. Photo: Getty
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We all know that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

But for many couples living in close quarters under strict stay-at-home rules, spending time apart simply isn’t an option.

Many might have considered this strange new time a good opportunity to spend quality time together – and maybe even a chance for some spontaneous seduction.

But if the excitement of sparking up a work-from-home-office romance didn’t last long, don’t fret – it’s natural that the pressure of confinement can take a toll.

But a top Melbourne sexologist says there are steps we can take to help keep romance alive in these unusual conditions.

Chantelle Otten, a psycho-sexologist and Lovehoney ambassador, told The New Daily that “sex and intimacy were still important, even when you spend 24/7 together”.

“For some I can understand this may be hard, because of the stress of COVID-19 and the fact that desire may decrease during this time,” Ms Otten said.

“But be mindful that tactile intimacy does elevate mood, boosts immunity and is a good stress relief.”

So, what can you do to reignite the fire in lockdown?

Spend a brief period of time apart

Although tough travel restrictions make it difficult to get space from each other, you still have some options.

Go for a run, walk or a bike ride by yourself.

Call a friend while walking around the block.

Put your headphones in and read a book on your bed – alone.

“Having some ‘me’ time is not selfish,” Ms Otten said.

“It’s beneficial to building on your relationship as it gives you both time to recharge your batteries and allows you to listen to your inner self.

“You need to have distance in order to cultivate desire.”

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Sustaining Your Relationship During Quarantine 💋🌸💕 Re-connecting While COVID restrictions might seem confining, see it as an opportunity to re-connect. For so many couples our careers and friendship groups can take up so much of our time that we rarely have much one on one couple time. So even though it seems overwhelming at first, why not make the best of a bad situation? Play some games you never get the chance to, tell each other those childhood stories you haven’t gotten around to yet and of course, play with your pleasure! This is the perfect chance for some exploring in the bedroom, you now have the time to tick off some bedroom bucket list items. Grab some fun new toys, try some new positions, maybe break in some surfaces around the house. Take this time to go on an erotic journey of re-discovery with your partner. While this time might feel like it’s going to challenge your relationship, it actually just might be the thing that makes it stronger. 🌸💋💕 #chantelleottensexologist Photo by: @elegantheater

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Avoid excess screen time

Watching a lot of television or mindlessly scrolling through social media can make us feel more irritable than usual.

Rather than burying yourself in devices, it’s better to talk openly with your partner.

“It’s important that as a couple that you learn how to deal with conflict calmly and productively,” she said.

“Communication is key to this, and it’s important to raise issues when they occur – don’t stew on it.”

What about singles?

Popular dating apps like Bumble and Hinge have added in a ‘Date from Home’ function, where dates occur via video or phone calls.

“This is great because if you’re looking to meet someone you don’t have to put your love life on hold, you can spend the time getting to know people, without rushing into the intimacy part,” Ms Otten said.

“Go on a dinner date from your separate apartments. Do the washing together. Teach each other how to cook. There are so many great opportunities.”

Going on a date without having to change out of trackie dacks?

Now that’s one upside to lockdown.