News National Coronavirus mischief: Here’s what Australian children are doing in lockdown

Coronavirus mischief: Here’s what Australian children are doing in lockdown

The Bettridge children have been keeping themselves entertained with their pet chooks. Photo: Kelly Bettridge
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Millions of Australian families are cooped up at home together in the fight against the coronavirus – and it’s often proving a challenge for parents and kids.

Readers of The New Daily have shared what their little monsters are getting up to, with their stories revealing it’s not just children getting stuck into hilarious stay-at-home activities.

Ryland Mitchell, 10, from Yarraville in Victoria, is a singer in the prestigious Australian Boys Choir.

With rehearsals cancelled due to the coronavirus, Ryland has used his extra time at home to keep performing by making video clips.

Although the songs might sound familiar, the lyrics have been updated with a twist.

Ryland’s father and co-star Paul told The New Daily the pair had been spending more time together since school holidays started last week.

“I wanted to get the little fella busy because he’s in the Australian Boys Choir and he hasn’t been doing much singing because of the coronavirus,” he said.

“As a performer, you need to be doing stuff to make people laugh and have fun.”

Mr Mitchell said the extra time in self-isolation meant the pair had more time to “come up with crazy ideas”.

“Sometimes it seems like a lot of effort, but part of it is just keeping them entertained and doing something,” he said.

“He wrote out a sheet [of lyrics] from the start of the idea to getting it on YouTube. I think that helps with his education, with organising processes and planning.”

Another family in Victoria has been hosting home dance parties, which is easier when you have a big merged family.

Kelly Bettridge, a part-time teacher and full-time student from Berwick in Melbourne, has eight children living under her roof.

“It’s been chaotic, to say the least!” Ms Bettridge told The New Daily.

“We’ve kept busy by creating our own weekend social events at home to keep the seven teenagers entertained.”

On Saturday night, the family’s social events reached a new level by hosting a dance party/trivia night at home.

The Bettridge children enjoying a dance party at home during coronavirus lockdowns. Photo: Kelly Bettridge

“It’s been hard on our older teens and 18-year-olds because they’ve got partners who they can’t see and social lives that have ground to a halt,” Ms Bettridge said.

Now we are seeing a lot of the kids wanting to spend time together – it’s bringing our already close family even closer.

“You just let the kids blow off steam, especially the older ones who are usually out with mates or partners, but you let them do it safely.”

The Bettridge children have been making the most of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Kelly Bettridge

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