News National Coronavirus restrictions: Can a tradie visit my property?

Coronavirus restrictions: Can a tradie visit my property?

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New coronavirus laws have people asking, can a tradie visit my house? Photo: Getty
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Tough social distancing rules aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 have dramatically restricted what we can and can’t do.

Nationwide, social gatherings are limited to just two people, inside or outdoors.

And in Victoria, the laws are so strict that Victorians are banned from inviting any visitors over at all – including a partner or a friend.

So what do you do if your hot water suddenly stops working? Can you invite a plumber into your home or is that breaking the rules?

Good news: You can.

Tradespeople are exempt from the two-person rules.

Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton says that if it’s work-related, then you are allowed to have a tradesperson over to your property.

(So, yes, that rules out just inviting your mate over for a beer because he’s a tradie. He or she actually has to be there to fix something.)

“If it’s work that can’t be done remotely, if it’s work (where) you can’t avoid (someone) coming to a property, then yes they can absolutely come to your property to do that work,” Mr Sutton told ABC radio.

“If it can be avoided or if it can be deferred, terrific, but yes you’re allowed to.”

To help limit the virus’ spread and make sure they are safe on the job, there are some new guidelines that tradespeople must follow.

Before a tradie comes over, they are required to check if anyone at your property has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is a suspected case, has been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case, has recently returned from overseas or has flu-like symptoms, such as fever or a cough.

They are also required to ask you to stay away from the area where they are working, and they must also practise good hygiene by washing their hands regularly or using sanitiser.

After the tradie has left your property, you should disinfect the area where they worked as a precaution.

Payment should be contactless: It’s safer to pay by card than cash.

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