News National Escape the coronavirus crisis for 30 minutes with this inspirational TV show

Escape the coronavirus crisis for 30 minutes with this inspirational TV show

Michael Pascoe is finding some relief from the coronavirus news by watching the inspirational show You Can’t Ask That Photo: ABC
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Odds are you could do with something inspiring right about now, something to restore faith in human nature and uplift your spirits in these times of toilet roll hoarders and untrusted politicians.

Here it is: Use ABC’s iview to watch last week’s episode of You Can’t Ask That.

I’ll make it easy – click on this.

I guarantee you’ll be glad.

If it’s not the best half hour of television you’ve seen this year, I’ll give you twice your money back.

You’ll not see a single politician, professional commentator or celebrity, just a diverse group of Australian firefighters in ones and twos talking honestly and openly about what they saw and did and how they felt.

Various fine programs have done enormous work and used amazing vision to bring home to us the extent and horror of the bushfires, yet these firefighters in a studio – talking heads – take us beyond all previous efforts.

I’m grateful to Zona Black for tipping that this was a program that should be watched.

Otherwise, well, y’know, another bushfire show? We’ve all moved on to the next crisis.

But therein lies the most wonderful thing about this program: The promise that in an unknown number of months there will be another group of self-deprecating heroes in a studio denying they are heroes.

You Can't Ask That
Michele Kampen, one of the fireys in the season premiere, gives viewers insight into what it is like on the ground during a bushfire. Photo: ABC

The next time it will be nurses and orderlies and doctors and hospital cleaners and ambos.

And those of us not in the front line, who don’t take the risks and don’t have to hold the stare of danger and tragedy without blinking, we will be left humbled and glad that our society has such people, our better selves.

Our leaders are not the politicians, the rich and famous, the lobbyists pulling strings, the successful tycoons and overpaid CEOs.

Our leaders, the people you would hope to have the nerve to follow if called upon, are those like the firefighters in this program and the hospital workers in the inevitable one.

They are the people who serve.

Enough. Watch the program.

Don’t worry if you find your bladder is too close to your eye. Just be grateful.

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