News National ‘I flipped out’: Student in hospital receives shock ATAR score

‘I flipped out’: Student in hospital receives shock ATAR score

John Saad was receiving treatment in hospital when he got his ATAR score.
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John Saad was getting hooked up to an IV drip on Thursday morning when, with just the click of a button, his future was suddenly set on a different course.

Bruised and battered in the face – but smiling nonetheless – the teenager was celebrating his own little “miracle” despite the pain.

One of 45,565 Victorian students who received their final Year 12 results, the 17-year-old St Mary’s College student couldn’t believe it when the number popped up on the screen.

A hospital emergency room wasn’t the place he expected to be opening his results, but he couldn’t wait. And the news was better than he expected.

A 93.5 means he is eligible to apply to study for his dream job.

Mr Saad said he was “having the worst day of my life” after dislocating his jaw and waiting more than four hours early on Thursday to be seen by an emergency doctor.

Despite his “horrible” morning and stressful final year – suffering through anxiety and panic attacks – Mr Saad said the journey was all “worth it”.

He needed a 93 ATAR to study medical imagery at RMIT University, so he “flipped out” after realising he had exceeded the mark.

“Year 12 sucked. I hated the idea of Year 12. But I like to be the best at whatever I can do,” Mr Saad told The New Daily. 

It wasn’t so much the study that bothered Mr Saad, rather he hated having to physically attend classes.

Mr Saad is keen on heading straight to university in March. Photo: Christiane Barro

Mr Saad said he had spent the past month before exams studying only for English, so was shocked at how well he had done in his other subjects.

He received a study score of 48 in English, 43 in Health and Human Development, 36 in Chemistry and 25 in Math Methods.

That followed scores of 34 and 35 respectively in Year 12 Biology and Psychology, which he completed last year.

“It’s just paid off, all the crap I went through,” the relieved teen said.

Mr Saad was resting at home when he spoke to The New Daily, saying he will be celebrating at church with his friends later on Thursday.

The average ATAR across Victoria was 67.74, two points higher than last year.

Girls averaged 68.86, while boys averaged 66.42.

The highest possible score of 99.95 was achieved by 37 students — 29 boys and eight girls.

Torrens University vice-chancellor Professor Justin Beilby wanted to remind students that their ATAR only represented “a snapshot in time”, saying it should not “inhibit your future”.

He stressed that there are alternative pathways to enter the career of your choice.

“If you don’t quite reach your ATAR score or don’t get the pathway into the course you really have a passion for, there are other ways in and other opportunities as you go forward with your life post-school,” he said.

Students in Queensland can expect their Year 12 results on Saturday, while those in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania will have to wait until next Tuesday.

The last to receive their scores will be students in Western Australia and South Australia, with their results scheduled to be released next Thursday.

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