News National Newly released photos show William Tyrrell on the day he vanished

Newly released photos show William Tyrrell on the day he vanished

Newly released photos show William Tyrrell playing in the Spiderman suit he vanished in. Photo: Department of Justice
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On the fifth anniversary of William Tyrrell’s disappearance, the NSW Coroner has released new photos of the missing boy and the transcript of an interview with a key witness.

The five images show the then three-year-old drawing on a verandah at his foster grandmother’s home in Kendall on the NSW mid-north coast the same morning he went missing in 2014.

He is wearing the Spiderman costume he vanished in and is sitting next to another young child who is also drawing.

Alongside the photos, a transcript from a 2017 police interview with a witness who claims he was the last person to see William alive was also made public.

Two children play with crayons on a deck
William Tyrrell in the Spider-Man suit he went missing in. Photo: Department of Justice

Kendall resident Ronald Chapman told a recent inquest into William’s disappearance that he saw the boy being driven away in a car at high speed, moments after the toddler vanished.

In the transcript dated April 4, the 78-year-old revealed he called the driver of the car a “stupid bitch” for having a child unrestrained in the backseat.

“The car was very close to being in the drain,” Mr Chapman told detectives.

And that’s when I saw William in the back seat of a four-wheel drive with his two hands up on the window in his Spider-Man suit, unrestrained.

“And under my breath I called the woman a stupid B.”

William Tyrrell in suit
William Tyrrell playing at his foster grandmother’s house. Photo: Department of Justice

Mr Chapman told detectives the woman was in her “late 20s” and of “fair appearance” and was being tailed by another car driven by a man.

“She had blonde hair, it was all combed up in a bun on the top of her head,” the transcript said.

“About 50 yards behind her was a six-cylinder Ford Sedan.

“It came around the corner and by the time they got to the top of the hill the car would have been right behind her.”

‘The next question is very important’

The interview lasted for almost four hours, with the detectives asking Mr Chapman more than 1600 questions.

At one point, Mr Chapman appeared to forget William’s name.

“By the time I looked up and saw Daniel, that’s about where the front of the car was,” he said.

“Who is Daniel?” a detective asked.

“William, sorry … I don’t know who I’m even thinking of,” Mr Chapman said.

At other times, Mr Chapman appeared steadfast in his evidence.

“This next question is very, very important Ron, and I want you to think very hard about it,” the detective said.

“At that point in time, when you first saw the hands of that child and the colours of the clothing he was wearing, did you think that what he was wearing was a Spider-Man suit?”

“Yes,” Mr Chapman replied.