News National Millennials agree they’re narcissistic – but don’t tell them

Millennials agree they’re narcissistic – but don’t tell them

Millennial woman
Millennials agree they're entitled and narcissistic – but they're not happy about it. Photo: Getty
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Millennials are more narcissistic and have a higher sense of entitlement than other age groups – but shhhh … don’t tell them, they don’t like it.

While the often-scorned age group (defined as those born between 1981 and 1996) readily admit these attributes, a recent study also uncovered they take offence to being called as much.

Research out of the US, released on Thursday, surveyed 1700 people across a range of age groups about stereotypes and opinions that relate to the defined generations.

Led by Joshua Grubbs from Ohio’s Bowling Green State University, the results found that while young adults – millennials – agree they and their peers are more entitled and narcissistic, the labels don’t sit well with them.

“… they feel that these are negative traits and they have negative reactions to these labels being applied to their age group,” a media release about the research stated.

Off the back of the initial survey, researchers delved deeper, and found the generation also disliked being blanketed as “oversensitive”.

“All generations think that the youngest generations (millennials and generation Z) are the most narcissistic and entitled generations,” Assistant Professor Grubbs said.

“However, millennials and generation Z dislike this characterisation and believe it less than older generations do.”

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