News National Veteran environmentalist Bob Brown to lead anti-Adani convoy

Veteran environmentalist Bob Brown to lead anti-Adani convoy

Former Greens leader Bob Brown will lead a convoy to Queensland. Photo: Getty
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Veteran conservationist Bob Brown will lead a convoy of hundreds of anti-Adani protesters to rally against its proposed coal mine in Queensland.

Next Wednesday the protesters will set off from Hobart and spend two weeks winding their way up the east coast to Bowen, where coal dug from the Sunshine State is shipped across the globe.

The former Greens leader compared the anti-Adani movement to a nationwide action he led against the Franklin Dam in Tasmania in the 1980s – a battle eventually won by conservationists.

“This is the biggest environmental, heritage, indigenous and lifestyle issue I have seen come along in decades in Australia,” he said.

“It’s galvanising people everywhere.”

Convoy numbers are expected to swell as it snakes its way up the east coast of Australia, holding protest rallies in major centres along the way.

The convoy is expected to arrive in Clermont on April 28, where they plan to stage their main event.

Clermont is the last major population centre before the proposed mine site, which about 160 kilometres north-west of the town.

Mr Brown said the convoy had two main aims.

“The first is to save the Great Barrier Reef from destruction due to the burning of the massive coal deposit Gautam Adani wants to exploit.

“The second is to bring hundreds of visitors on a tour which will leave small businesses better off all along the way.”

Mr Brown said the federal Environment Minister Melissa Price gave the go ahead on the Adani mine “without integrity, sincerity or responsibility to Earth’s future”.


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