News National Treasurer harks back to the days of yester hair

Treasurer harks back to the days of yester hair

josh frydenberg hair
Now and then: Josh Frydenberg this week and a few years ago, sporting a glorious head of hair. Photos: AAP/Josh Frydenberg
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When Treasurer Josh Frydenberg scolded Bill Shorten in Parliament on Wednesday that the last time Labor delivered a surplus he had a mullet haircut, sceptics demanded proof.

On Thursday, the Treasurer provided that photographic evidence.

It has come from a surprisingly large and meticulously kept archive of images of the young Treasurer wearing very little clothing.

josh frydenberg hair
A younger, more hirsute, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Photo: Josh Frydenberg

“What I can confirm to the house is that we announced a surplus – a surplus the Labor Party never dreamt of,” the Treasurer told Parliament on Wednesday.

“I can confirm to the house the last time Labor delivered a surplus I had a mullet. It is long gone now.

“God only created a few perfect heads, and the rest he put hair on.”

The revelations prompted the inquiring minds at The Australian to ask for evidence. Mr Frydenberg was kind enough to also provide a photograph to The New Daily.

Proving that he is nothing if not efficient, the Treasurer replied within less than 60 seconds of the text message request – with a striking photograph of himself with a giant head of hair, and revealing his body from his days in high-level tennis.

Now he’s completely bald, but who among us can really blame the Treasurer for revelling in a little nostalgia for his younger days?

josh frydenberg hair
Mr Frydenberg and a still luxuriant head of hair with then PM John Howard in the early 2000s. Photo: Josh Frydenberg