News National Anning confirms taxpayers paid for his travel to extremist rally

Anning confirms taxpayers paid for his travel to extremist rally

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The Bendigo Bank is pursuing Fraser Anning over a bankruptcy claim. Photo: AAP
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Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has confirmed the $3000 day trip to fly to an extremist rally marred by Nazi salutes and racist abuse included a business-class flight and a chauffeur-driven Comcar ride.

The revelations have prompted thousands of Australians to sign a new petition in protest on titled “Senator Anning should pay his own airfare to Nazi rallies”.

At lunchtime on Monday, 9000 Australians had signed the petition, which is calling on the Morrison government not to fund the travel.

But Senator Anning has doubled down, calling for an immediate ban to Muslim migration.

“We shouldn’t bring any more of them into this country. And if they commit a crime in this country, they should be shipped out of here,” he said.

“I would not bring any more Muslims or Sudanese into the country. I would put a ban on that and any of them that commit a crime I would be shipping them back to where they came from,’’ he said.

Asked whether he had flown business class, Senator Anning confirmed he had and said the expenditure was justified.

“Sure. That’s exactly right. It’s booked by the travel agency that looks after all of our travel details,’’ he told Channel 10.

“In the group was in there were no Nazi, ‘Heil Hitlers’ and all the rest of it. This is a left-wing media diversion.

“I didn’t go down there for a picnic. I went down there doing the job I was elected to do. That’s what we get a travel allowance for. I wasn’t out there whale watching with my daughter like one other senator has done, or going to the races and charging the taxpayers for a Comcar for the whole day like the Opposition Leader did.”

But the Queensland Senator has flatly rejected claims he’s inspired by Adolf Hitler, asked directly on Studio 10 this morning: “Let’s cut straight to the chase, are you a Nazi sympathiser?”

“No, of course I am not a Nazi sympathiser. I abhor what they do. I am a good supporter of the Jewish community and the Israelis,” Senator Anning said.

“I was there representing the people of Queensland. They are very concerned what’s happening in Victoria with the African gangs.”

Asked what he learned from his $3000 taxpayer-funded day trip, Senator Fanning said he had met many “hard-working Australians”.

Speaking on Today, Senator Anning also launched a personal attack on Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young for saying he was aligning himself with idiots.

“Saying I am hanging out with idiots? Well, that’s what I do in the Senate when I am in there with her. There was no racist rally, There were decent Australian people. “

Labor leader Bill Shorten also hardened his criticism of Senator Anning’s attendance, calling for him to be kicked out of Parliament by voters at the next election.

“There is no excuse or explanation that justifies Anning’s attendance at this rally, and his views have no place in the parliament,” Mr Shorten tweeted.

“When you’re siding with neo-Nazis, you’re on the wrong side. He disrespects the memory of Australians who fought to defeat this evil ideology.”