News National Scott Morrison apologises for hip hop blunder

Scott Morrison apologises for hip hop blunder

Scott Morrison Fatman Scoop
An attempt at comedy by Prime Minister Scott Morrison went terribly wrong. Photo: AAP
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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has deleted a parody video from his social media accounts after discovering the hip-hop song used in the footage contains explicit and sexually charged lyrics.

The 11-second clip from Question Time in the federal parliament on Thursday showed MPs raising their arms to the 1999 track Be Faithful by US rapper Fatman Scoop playing.

The suggestive lyrics were not included in the brief video, but the full song contains repeated use of the word f––k in the context of promoting casual sex.

The clip was posted to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on Thursday before being taken down an hour later.

Despite the video being deleted from all of Mr Morrison’s accounts, social media users retained the clip and it’s still easily accessible on Twitter.

The post, which was captioned “QT was on fire today … Good work, team” and included a fire emoji, gathered some 170,000 views before its removal.

Mr Morrison apologised for the video, saying he asked his staff to delete the posts when he found out about the expletive lyrics.

“The full lyrics of the song used in my earlier video from QT today were just not OK. When I found out, I asked the team to take it down. Apologies,” Mr Morrison tweeted.

The controversy came as the Liberal Party ignored pressure from the PM, and recent polls, to reject a female candidate for the crucial Wentworth by-election.

Former Australian ambassador to Israel, David Sharma, was pre-selected to contest Malcolm Turnbull’s east-Sydney seat, despite Canberra lobbying for a woman to be picked.