News National ScoMo PM: The reactions pour in from far and wide

ScoMo PM: The reactions pour in from far and wide

morrison prime minister
Prime Minister Scott Morrison and deputy Liberal leader Josh Frydenberg minutes after the results of the leadership spill were announced. Photo: AAP
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At 1pm (AEST) on Friday, Australians learned that Scott Morrison would be their new Prime Minister – the country’s eighth since 2007.

This is how Mr Morrison’s parliamentary colleagues saw his elevation to the top job at the expense of former leader Malcolm Turnbull (along with reactions from further afield).

Arthur Sinodinos, MP

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann

“It was tough, I made a judgment that it was necessary.

“It’s not something that gave me any pleasure, whatsoever. I genuinely and sincerely enjoyed working with Malcolm. I had a very good working relationship with Malcolm.”

Warren Entsch, MP

“As far as I’m concerned, we’ve broken the cycle. You’ve got two leaders who have come in that have clean hands – they have been loyal, and so I say it’s a great day for us.”

Craig Kelly, MP

“An interesting day but at the end we have a new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. He is my neighbour, and [in] the neighbouring seat of the Sutherland shire, and I think he will do a fantastic job and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Trent Zimmerman, MP

“I wouldn’t like to see any more by-elections.

“Sometimes former prime ministers should take the model that John Howard sensibly has, and that’s to show great discretion about when you get involved in contemporary issues.”

Kevin Andrews, MP

“It doesn’t matter who I would like to see [as prime minister]. The reality is Mr Morrison has been elected as leader of the Liberal Party and, therefore, Prime Minister of Australia, and I will be doing all I can to make sure that – under his leadership – we succeed at the next election.”

Melissa Price, MP

“I’m a Malcolm Turnbull supporter. I truly believe you must back your leader. I did that with Tony Abbott and I told Malcolm Turnbull from day one ‘I didn’t vote for you but you have my support 100 per cent.

“Scott will get my support now.”

Greg Hunt, MP

“Two incredible people and two incredible friends have been elected as prime minister and deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

“I think what we have now is a new generation, a next generation of leadership. Two incredible people of extraordinary integrity and capability. They will give Australia a real change at success.”

Andrew Laming, MP

“I am thrilled that we have seen a Scott Morrison-Josh Frydenberg decision today. If this week and its dysfunction was about handing the keys to The Lodge to Bill Shorten, the decision today was about making sure that doesn’t happen.

“This is the right team to make sure the Coalition stays in power next year.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

“For all our verbal conflict, for all the fierce words we’ve exchanged, I hope Malcolm knows that I have always respected him as a formidable opponent, as an advocate of great intellect and eloquence and as someone who came to parliament, relatively late in life, because he was driven by the desire to serve.

“Australian politics will always need people like that, on all sides.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

“I congratulated him on his role. Obviously I don’t need to help him familiarise himself with New Zealand; he has been active in promoting New Zealand to the world. And he acknowledged his warmth for this country. I look forward to building a really strong relationship with him.”

Australian Christian Lobby

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd

Former prime minister Tony Abbott

“We have lost the prime minister – there is a government to save. That’s what all of us will do our best to do now, to say the government.”