News National Dutton camp tries to force second spill

Dutton camp tries to force second spill

parliament house
Sanctimony is flowing in federal parliament. Photo: Getty
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Supporters of Peter Dutton are reportedly trying to force a second leadership spill as early as Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

A petition is circulating around Parliament House in Canberra demanding Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to call a party room meeting, multiple media outlets have reported.

The petition calls for the meeting to be held “as soon as practicable”, according to Nine News.

There are conflicting reports over whether the request needs a majority (at least 43 of 84 signatures) of the Liberal party room to trigger a meeting, or whether Mr Turnbull has ultimate discretion and the signatures are only strongly persuasive.

Frontbenchers and key allies Scott Morrison, Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop have all been seen in the Prime Minister’s office.

Mr Dutton lost the first spill 48-35 on Tuesday morning but Mr Turnbull did not convincingly win.

Thursday is the last sitting day for a fortnight.

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