News National Senator’s adviser resigns over ‘final solution’ speech

Senator’s adviser resigns over ‘final solution’ speech

fraser anning advisert resigns
Senator Fraser Anning has previously been condemned in both houses of parliament. Photo: AAP
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An adviser to Fraser Anning has quit after the Queensland senator used the Nazi phrase “final solution” in a controversial speech on Muslim immigration.

Richard Mcgilvray resigned just hours after the Australian Party’s Senator Anning delivered his maiden speech on Tuesday night.

Mr Mcgilvray, who managed the Senator’s legislative agenda and negotiations with key stakeholders, said he could not condone the views expressed in the speech.

“His reference to ‘the final solution’ was not something I had seen, heard of, or discussed prior to his remarks last night,” Mr McGilvray posted to LinkedIn.

“As a consequence, within hours of Senator Anning’s speech, I resigned my position effective immediately.”

Mr Mcgilvray is a “junior lawyer” who – according to his Linkedin profile – has a thorough understanding of the legislative process “having advised on the senate select committee, senate estimates, and budget estimates”.

About 1942, the Nazi leadership established a plan called “The final solution to the Jewish question”, which led to the genocide of more than six million Jews in occupied Europe.

former fraser anning adviser Richard Mcgilvray
Mr Mcgilvray said he could not condone Senator Anning’s views. Photo: Linkedin

Senator Anning has refused to apologise for his speech, and for using the term, in the face of a bipartisan chorus of condemnation from politicians on the floors of both houses of parliament.

Bob Katter, meanwhile, defended of his Senator’s “magnificent” speech  with an extraordinary attack on Muslims.

Mr Katter said on Wednesday that his Australian Party was proudly anti-Muslim.

“Get out of this country. You’re not wanted here. This country will belong to Allahu Akbar,” he said.

“God would be ashamed if his name was used by these extremists and there’s no good people coming out from these countries. We can’t afford to take the risks any more.”

He went on: “Fraser is dead right. We do not want people coming in from the Middle East or North Africa unless they’re the persecuted minorities. Why aren’t you bringing in the Seikhs? Why aren’t you bringing in the Christians? Why aren’t you bringing in the Jews?”

Watch Mr Katter’s attack on Muslims below:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor leader Bill Shorten gave passionate speeches in parliament opposing Senator Anning on Wednesday.

Mr Turnbull said people who demonised Muslims because of the crimes of a tiny minority would only help terrorists.

“The days of the White Australia policy are long, long ago,” he said.

Mr Shorten moved a unanimously-passed motion in parliament praising the Holt government for beginning the dismantling of the White Australia policy in 1966.

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