News National Pauline Hanson goes from burqa to army greens, just in time for Anzac Day

Pauline Hanson goes from burqa to army greens, just in time for Anzac Day

pauline hanson uniform
Pauline Hanson in her army issued uniform. Photo: YouTube
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The Pauline Hanson fancy dress party just got weirder.

Having once taken to the floor of the Senate wearing a burqa, the One Nation leader has this week gone green, posting a YouTube video in an Australian army uniform after returning from a parliamentary delegation to Afghanistan.

It echoes her infamous 1990s video where she said “Fellow Australians, if you are seeing me now it means I have been murdered”.

Her latest video pans from her army boots to her camouflage army combat uniform, with Senator Hanson greeting the viewers to tell them she was home safe.

“Surprise, now that you’ve seen this it means that I’m on my way back home,” she says.

Senator Hanson spent more than a week with Australian troops in Afghanistan, travelling with One Nation colleague Brian Burston and Labor senator Kimberley Kitching.

“I wanted to experience what our Aussie soldiers go through in a war zone,” Senator Hanson said, claiming she will bring what she’s learnt back to the floor of Parliament.

“I’ve got a lot to say over the next few weeks.”

That’s never really been a problem for the One Nation leader, although her past fancy dress antics have often ended in tears.

Last August’s burqa stunt in parliament – which she claimed was to highlight security concerns – attracted the ire of fellow senators and forced her to deny she was mocking the Islamic faith.

Pauline Hanson in burqa
Senator Hanson is no stranger to fancy dress. Photo: AAP

In November her turn as a marine biologist fell flat when she appeared in a snorkel and flippers on a healthy part of the Great Barrier to highlight what she said were “untruths” about coral bleaching.

Given most politicians want a piece of the military pie in the lead up to Anzac Day Senator Hanson could hardly go wrong saying the Australian military do a “fantastic job”.

Senator Hanson told The Australian she can see Australian soldiers being in Afghanistan for the long haul and it’s necessary that they are.

“You can see the changes that are happening in the country,” she said.

“One soldier came up to me and said, ‘Can you please tell the media and the people that we want to be here. This is the highlight of our careers. We’ve trained for this’.”

At least Senator Hanson has had plenty of training in costume changes, although it appears she gave the burqa a miss while on the ground in the Middle East.

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