News National Cassie Sainsbury gives warning to would be drug-smugglers from her Colombian prison

Cassie Sainsbury gives warning to would be drug-smugglers from her Colombian prison

Cassie Sainsbury revealed she had broken up with her fiance Scott Broadbridge in February. Photo: AAP
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Convicted drug mule Cassie Sainsbury has issued a word of warning to would-be drug smugglers to think before they act, revealing she broke up with her fiancé two months ago and speaks to her mother every day.

In an interview with Australian talkback radio hosts, Kyle Sandilands and ‘Jackie O’ on Friday, Ms Sainsbury, 22, revealed she split with her now-former fiancé, Scott Broadbridge in February, saying the relationship was “doomed” from the moment she was imprisoned.

“I actually broke up with Scott back in February. It’s been kept very quiet,” Ms Sainsbury said, while describing her life from a Colombian prison cell.

“From the moment I got in here the relationship was doomed. I broke up with Scott because it was the best thing for me and the best thing for his future as well.”

Mr Broadbridge told the Seven Network’s Sunday Night program in May last year that he would wait for Cassie but the odds of the relationship lasting were against them.

“Everything is telling me I should just walk away,’ he said.

She implored Australians to be careful about who to trust, hinting we can learn from her mistakes.

“People need to really, really analyse the people they think they can trust,” Ms Sainsbury told Australian listeners after she was caught attempting to smuggle cocaine at the El Dorado airport in Colombia in April last year.

Ms Sainsbury’s life changed forever when the X-ray machine detected 5.8 kilograms of cocaine stashed in 18 packages in sets of headphones.

The Adelaide woman who became an instant household name as notorious ‘Cocaine Cassie’, described the El Buen Pastor Prison where she is serving her six-year sentence as “not fabulous”, but better than other parts of the jail to the radio hosts.

Describing the inside of her cell, the former personal trainer told the KIIS FM hosts the room offered “double bunks”, a mattress and simple bed linen.

“I’ve got a mattress and I am in one of the bunks and it’s one blanket…it’s one blanket, one pillow” Ms Sainsbury said.

“My situation has not been easy throughout this whole process, but I have had a lot of people inside the prison help me see that it is not the end of the world,” Ms Sainsbury said.

The drug trafficker said her ethnicity and not knowing Spanish also made her vulnerable among other inmates in the El Buen Pastor Prison.

“Everyone looks at white people as ‘gringos’. Not knowing Spanish, everything just piled on and people took advantage,” she said.

Cassie’s mother, Lisa Evans told KIIS FM she was pleasantly surprised by the conditions her daughter was experiencing while incarcerated.

“I had not idea what I was expecting when I walked in. I expected Patio 7 to be worse than it is, she said, revealing she is in with about 20 inmates.

“But it’s like and I say this but don’t take it as lightly as it sounds, it’s like a dormitory.”

Ms Sainsbury could be released in April 2020 with good behaviour and time already served.