News National Senate passes motion to scrap GST on tampons

Senate passes motion to scrap GST on tampons

Protestors, including the Tampon Avengers, have long sought the GST's removal on sanitary products. Photo: AAP
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The Senate has urged the government to scrap the GST on tampons and sanitary pads, with one crossbencher labelling the tax “demeaning to women”.

Derryn Hinch threw his support behind a motion, moved by fellow crossbench senator David Leyonhjelm, which passed the upper house on Tuesday.

“It’s demeaning to women,” Senator Hinch told parliament.

“It is a disgrace that women are being put through this in this country. In 2018 that we’re even discussing it is Noddyland.”

Government frontbencher James McGrath said changes to the GST would need to be supported by all states and territories, as well as the federal parliament.

Labor Senator Anthony Chisholm said the opposition supported removing the tax on women’s sanitary products, but wanted to work with state governments to ensure they were no worse off.

“The Liberals have little interest in making this a reality,” Senator Chisholm said.

The Greens failed in a bid to remove the tax from sanitary products by amending government legislation last year.