News National Derryn Hinch suffers ‘brain trauma’ falling from Uber

Derryn Hinch suffers ‘brain trauma’ falling from Uber

Derryn Hinch
Derryn Hinch says he had a couple of glasses of wine before the fall. Photo: AAP
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Senator Derryn Hinch will undergo a series of medical tests after he suffered a “brain trauma” falling out of an Uber ride in Melbourne.

The former radio broadcaster-turned-politician tripped and knocked himself unconscious when exiting the vehicle on St Kilda Road and was taken to hospital for further scans.

A spokeswoman for the senator confirmed to Fairfax media he suffered a minor brain injury on Monday evening and spent a night in The Alfred Hospital for observation.

The 72-year-old Senator, who underwent a liver transplant in 2011, said he had had two glasses of wine at dinner before the fall, but denied he was drunk.

“I had two glasses of wine with my dinner guests at their house and I came home, and it all happened outside my house,” he told Sky News.

“I drink occasionally, but I’m not stupid.”

Mr Hinch thanked the Alfred Hospital staff on Twitter and said that he was feeling fine. He blamed the fall on a “dodgy knee”, after he stepped on the kerb and fell over and banged his head.

Mr Hinch confirmed he would undergo some tests on Thursday, with concerns it may have been his heart that contributed to the fall.

“I ended up in Alfred Hospital. They kept me in overnight and did some tests for heart tests and blood pressure tests and various things. I did get what is called a slight brain trauma,” he told Channel Nine.

Mr Hinch swore off drinking following his transplant, which came after he revealed in 2007 he was suffering from advanced cirrhosis of the liver brought on by chronic alcohol abuse.

He confessed to Channel Nine at the time that he would engage in marathon drinking sessions that could span more than 12 hours.

However, the self-confessed “Human Headline” made news in 2016 when he was claimed to be “back on the booze” after he was spotted having a drink in public.

Mr Hinch tweeted on Wednesday he now occasionally drinks alcohol with his “surgeon’s permission”.

“I didn’t die so I shall live,” he said.