News National Australians capture rare super blue blood moon

Australians capture rare super blue blood moon

A man is silhouetted by the moon in sand dunes in Lancelin, north of Perth. Photo: ABC
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Australians had one of the best seats in the world for the once-in-a-lifetime super blue blood moon event and the images were spactacular.

The west coast of Australia was one of the best places to get a clear view of the first total lunar eclipse since 2015 because the lunar event started just after the sun set and the moon rose.

By being close to the horizon, an optical eclipse occurs which makes it look bigger.

Those on the eastern coast, where it was clear, could see it too, but the moon was “higher” in the sky so it did not appear as large.

A blue moon is a full moon that occurs twice in a month, while a blood moon takes on a reddish hue during an eclipse. The “super moon” applies when the moon appears bigger because it is close to the earth.

The red appearance is caused by the light filtering and bending properties of our atmosphere.

Blood moon
People with bicycles take photos of the Super moon in Lancelin, Australia. Photo: Getty
Blood moon
The blood moon seen from Perth, Australia. Photo: Instagram/Marcus9256
Blood Moon
The rare lunar eclipse seen against a church at Ballarat, Victoria. Photo: Getty
Blood Moon
Moonscape in the sand dunes at Lancelin north of Perth where dozens of photographers and moon watchers gathered to see the blood moon rise. Photo: ABC
Blood moon
The blood moon captured between the iron girders of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo: AAP
Blood Moon
Some Perth residents watched the blood moon rise over Matilda Bay. Photo: Instagram/Perthkidz
blood moon
People climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge take photos of the blood moon. Photo: AAP
Blood Moon
The super blue blood moon full eclipse captured near Bondi, Sydney. Photo: AAP
Blood moon
The moon turns a blood red colour as it reaches a total lunar eclipse in Sydney. Photo: AAP
Blood moon
The super blue blood moon captured from Perth. Photo: Instagram/masfilms_videography

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