News National Marriage equality vote. What happens now?

Marriage equality vote. What happens now?

same=sex marriage vote
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Australia has had its say in the contentious same-sex marriage postal survey and has overwhelmingly supported the notion of marriage equality.

So what happens now?

  • Western Australian Senator Dean Smith is expected to introduce his Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 to Parliament later Wednesday.
  • Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne has said the bill could be debated in parliament as early as this week.
  • Victorian Senator James Paterson has proposed a rival bill that would “preserve” religious freedoms and allow businesses to decline to take part in same-sex weddings.
  • Parliament will ultimately decide what form the bill will take.
  • Some 22 bills seeking same-sex marriage have been introduced into the federal parliament since 2004. None have been passed.
  • Malcolm Turnbull has promised the Coalition will allow MPs a conscience vote on the legislation.
  • If the government succeeds in passing marriage equality legislation by December 3, same-sex couples will be able to legally marry before Christmas.

It's official: Australians have chosen to #VoteYes on #MarriageEquality! So what happens now?

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