News National Bill Shorten rap battles on radio, but gets served

Bill Shorten rap battles on radio, but gets served

Bill Shorten rap battle, Ray Hadley, Fitzy & Wippa
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten appeared on Fitzy & Wippa's breakfast radio show on Friday morning for the 'rap battle'. Photo: Fitzy & Wippa
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Bill Shorten has attempted a rap battle against radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa to the tune of 50 Cent’s In Da Club, but got served by surprise entrant, radio host Ray Hadley.

The opposition leader appeared on the Nova breakfast radio program’s weekly ‘Rap Battle’ on Friday morning with a prepared rhyme.

Mr Shorten appeared to be under no delusions about his hip-hop skills, rapping, “Will I rap again? It’s anyone’s guess / But there’s more chance of Abbott voting yes.”

The line referenced former prime minister Tony Abbott’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

But he was outshone by 2GB’s Hadley, who rolled in at the end of the segment rocking a New York basketball jersey, gold chain, and backwards cap.

Rap battle: Fitzy vs Bill Shorten

It's the long versus the Shorten! Can a VERY special guest give Fitzy the win over Bill Shorten MP in Rap Up of the Week? 🔥🎤👌🏻

Posted by Fitzy & Wippa on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mr Shorten had sung: “Each day I listen to you fellas whinge and whine / I’d rather go to Question Time with Christopher Pyne / Our economy’s in debt, but Malcolm’s just chilling / Hey Malcolm, can you lend us a couple million?”

He continued: “I’ve nailed the rap / I’m the cat, you’re the mouse / The tables have turn-bulled, now it’s Shorten’s house.”

After his surprise entrance, Hadley slapped back: “Stick to the basics, and you’ll do it easy / Should I be talking to you, or Anthony Albanese?”

Bill Shorten rap battle Fitzy & Wippa Ray Hadley dab
Mr Shorten ‘dabbed’, but he wasn’t freestyling the rap. Photo: Fitzy & Wippa

Host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald also joined in on the rap battle, but avoided ‘dabbing’ like Mr Shorten and Hadley.

The segment came after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s bizarre appearance on Network Ten’s The Project last week, when he rapped his way out of answering questions about the same-sex marriage postal survey.

The Project panel was debating the furore over US artist Macklemore performing Same Love at the NRL grand final on Sunday. Mr Turnbull’s colleague Mr Abbott had been railing against the choice of performer, arguing it was propaganda for the ‘Yes’ camp.

Mr Turnbull defended Macklemore getting the gig before fending off a question from host Waleed Aly by breaking into his rap.

“Waleed, you’re the man / You’re the Tigers fan.

“You can talk / The Crows can squawk.”

He also announced he had not been able to enjoy hip-hop since the death of Tupac.

When Aly attempted to shift the focus back to the same-sex marriage debate, Mr Turnbull shut him down.

“Waleed, why are you such a downer? We are having fun. It is Thursday night. There are two grand finals.

“Everyone is here in Melbourne being happy and you want to be grim and torture this issue and go on and on and on about the song and should they play the song.

“You will talk about this song for longer than it takes him to sing the song. Seriously. This is really dull.”

The New Daily has contacted Mr Shorten and Mr Turnbull for comment.

Bill Shorten rap battle Ray Hadley Fitzy & Wippa
Hadley rolled in wearing a New York basketball jersey, gold chain and backwards cap. Photo: Fitzy & Wippa

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