News National Electra: the tragic face of abandoned animals everywhere

Electra: the tragic face of abandoned animals everywhere

abandoned animals
More than 130,000 animals are surrendered by owners every year in Australia. Photo: Facebook
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The issue of animal abandonment has been brought into sharp focus after video emerged of one dog’s heartbreaking realisation it will never see its family again.

The tragic footage of Electra, a four-year-old pit bull terrier cross, went viral with more than 315,000 views since she was left at the Inland Valley Humane Society, in California last week.

The video shows a visibly traumatised Electra caged inside her new home – a cement-floor kennel.

Hers is the face of the harsh reality facing thousands of animals abandoned in Australia every year.

Watch Electra’s distressing moment below:

ADOPTED ELECTRA IS AVAILABLE NOW FOR PUBLIC ADOPTION. PLEASE KEEP SHARINGELECTRA represents the face os sadness and reality in the shelters. Sometimes I would like to understand owners surrendering their animals and I don't like to judge them but when you see how the dogs come to the receiving department with their happy faces and they stand all proud I just can't understand.. (I'm speaking in general, not sure if she was found as stray or she was an owner surrendered) ELECTRA is available now for public adoption. Hopefully she can leaves soon. Please share so people know she is there. ELECTRAPit Bull Terrier MixAge (approximate): 4 yearsSex FemaleColor BLU/WHTAvailable on:(Subject to change) May 20, 2017Rescue Date:(Subject to change) May 30, 2017Control Number: #I1272440 shelter does not disclose updates to me after the dogs are no longer in their care. Please contact them for any INFORMATION and/or UPDATES. Adoptions have to be made in person. Potential adopters have to bring their other dogs (if any) for a meet and greet. Im only a net-worker therefore, i do not have pulling rights. I name the dogs for my personal references, the shelter doesn't know those names so always make sure to ask for a dog by their control number not by their name to avoid confusion.INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETYPOMONA CA909 623-9777VIDEO THREAD

Posted by Lolys Menchaka on 2017年5月17日

According to RSPCA Australia statistics, around 45,000 dogs and 56,000 cats were sent to the animal welfare organisation in the last financial year, many of which were surrendered by owners.

“Almost all of these dogs and cats have been the beloved companions of people who could no longer care for them the way all animals should be cared for,” RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker said in a statement to The New Daily.

“People’s lives and circumstances can change quickly, often for reasons beyond their control … It’s important that we understand that these things are beyond the control of the animals in our lives, too – but they have an impact.”

Dr Walker said the majority of owners cited housing issues as their main reason for forfeiting their animals, whether that be moving house, their homes were too small or unsuitable fencing.

Unable to provide adequate food, basic vet care and owners’ ill health were also factors behind the alarming shelter figures.

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