News National Same-sex marriage laws to face parliamentary inquiry

Same-sex marriage laws to face parliamentary inquiry

same sex marriage australia
Possible same-sex marriage legislation will be discussed on Monday. Photo: Getty
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A parliamentary inquiry is set to examine same sex marriage draft laws this week.

The hearings, starting Monday, come despite Labor, the Greens, the Nick Xenophon Team and Derryn Hinch killing off the coalition’s proposed plebiscite on the issue in parliament last November.

The latest inquiry does not deal with the plebiscite itself but rather the bill which would be introduced should the plebiscite pass.

The committee chair, Liberal senator David Fawcett, told ABC radio he saw value in people with alternative views on the issue having the opportunity to put their stance on the public record.

Senator Fawcett does not support same sex marriage.

The draft bill covers exemptions for ministers of religion, marriage celebrants and religious bodies and organisations to refuse to conduct or solemnise marriage, the impact on sex discrimination laws and what consequential amendments would be needed to other laws.

The committee won’t be re-examining the debate for and against same-sex marriage.

Labor senator Louise Pratt, who is deputy chair of the committee, is hopeful of making progress on the issue.

“The fact we have this inquiry really demonstrates there is an ongoing willingness… to find a way forward,” Senator Pratt told ABC radio.