News National Anti-climate change Senator storms out of his own presser

Anti-climate change Senator storms out of his own presser

malcolm roberts
Malcolm Roberts stormed out of his own press conference on Monday. Photo: AAP
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A One Nation senator has walked out of his own press conference after it descended into a shouting match with reporters.

Malcolm Roberts used the presser at Parliament House to demand an independent inquiry over what he claims is a lack of empirical evidence linking climate change and human activity.

The senator, who has long claimed the case for global warming doesn’t stack up, says he heard nothing to change his mind during a special briefing with the CSIRO.

He’s demanding the government set up an independent inquiry into Australia’s leading scientific organisation and the Bureau of Meteorology.

malclolm roberts and tim ball
Malcolm Roberts appeared with fellow climate change critic Tim Ball. Photo: AAP

As well he wants Australia to reject the Paris agreement of global climate change action and remove itself from the United Nations.

“The ultimate goal of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party is to dismantle Australia’s obsession with green guilt,” Senator Roberts said in a statement ahead of the press conference where he was flanked by prominent climate science critics Tony Heller (aka Steven Goddard) and Tim Ball.

Pressed on his plans, Senator Roberts claimed various environment ministers for the past nine years had fallen prey to a scam.

That would include Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who held the portfolio under John Howard.

“These ministers are either part of a scam or they are complicit by not doing their due diligence,” Senator Roberts told reporters.

The senator grew agitated when asked about his writings linking the Rothschild family with climate change – one of several conspiracy theories involving the wealthy Jewish family.

He insisted he’d never used the word “conspiracy”.

Pauline Hanson welfare reform
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation called for an inquiry into climate change. Photo: AAP

“The people who are using the word conspiracy are people like you and it’s quite often used to denigrate,” Senator Roberts loudly told a reporter.

“You want to use the c-word, you go right for it.”

He then invited the journalist to the podium “to answer your own question”.

Another reporter asked the senator why he’d aired his theories in a podcast for the anti-Semitic “Jew World Order” website.

Senator Roberts said he was not against any particular religion.

“I’ve never seen any evidence whatsoever, is that clear, no evidence whatsoever linking this to any religion,” he said.

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