News National Dreamworld customers turn on each other

Dreamworld customers turn on each other

dreamworld accident
Dreamworld has had more problems with its rides. Photo: Getty
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Dreamworld on the Gold Coast has announced it will reopen on Friday after four people lost their lives on Tuesday, as hundreds of people argued about the details on the theme park’s official Facebook page.

Amid the demands for refunds and compensation were multiple claims of previous ride malfunctions from upset customers.

A number of visitors recalled their dodgy experiences on Dreamworld rides, including one woman who claimed the Thunder River Rapids ride had made a disconcerting “bang” when she rode with her son that same day.

Controversially, multiple customers used the page to demand their ticket price back as a result of the tragedy, while others chastised them for their “financial greed” so soon after the tragedy.

‘Refunds should be the last thing on your mind’

Mother Vanessa Clough told The New Daily her family had enjoyed the Thunder River Rapids ride on Monday and it had been the highlight of their day.

Cairns mother Vanessa Clough found the ride working perfectly the day before. Photo: Facebook
Vanessa Clough found the ride to be working perfectly the day before. Photo: Facebook

“Everything had seemed fine to me,” she said.

Ms Clough provided a video of her family laughing as they rode the Rapids, accompanied by a Dreamworld employee dressed as a convict.

“You just never know what is around the corner,” Ms Clough wrote in a Facebook post.

The Dreamworld Facebook page was a hotbed for emotional interactions between users on Wednesday, particularly after a number of customers asked when their money would be returned to them.

A season pass to Dreamworld costs $99 for children and $119 for adults, while day passes start at $85.

“Let’s spare a thought for those two children who had to witness their Mother and Uncle dying right in front of them, instead of worrying about refunds at the moment,” argued one user on Wednesday.

“Who cares about a f***ing refund people have lost there lives?” asked one angry user.

Another wrote: “To all the selfish insensitive people complaining about refunds I’m sure you will be reimbursed.

“How about you go and tell your family members that you love them more than a bit of cash?”

Members of the public left bouquets outside the Dreamworld gates. Photo: Getty
Members of the public left bouquets outside the Dreamworld gates. Photo: Getty

‘We could have been the victims’

Another Dreamworld customer to share her close call was mother Natalie O’Brien, who had decided the line for the Thunder River Rapids was too long.

“A close call, would have hated for my son to have seen this happen. Or worse been the victims,” she wrote. 

Natalie O'Brien said her son had been frightened by a loud sound on the ride. Photo: Facebook
Natalie O’Brien said her son had been frightened by a loud sound on the ride. Photo: Facebook

Ms O’Brien said her son had alerted her to an alarming sound coming from the conveyor belt when they rode the Rapids earlier in the day.

“There was a louder than normal bang, my son said that was unusual, but didn’t think much of it at the time … maybe that had something to do with it,” she said. 

A number of people suggested the park should close every year on October 25 in memory of the deceased.

“This is not the time for blame, name and shame … all that will follow,” wrote one user.

‘We’ll be back’

Despite the hundreds of comments demanding answers, many customers pledged their undying support for the popular theme park.

“Our family supports Dreamworld Australia,” wrote one user.

“We’ll be there on the first day you re-open,” promised another.

Dreamworld will reopen on Friday with a memorial day as a mark of respect to the victims – Cindy Low, 42, Kate Goodchild, 32, Luke Dorsett, 35, and his partner Roozbeh Araghi, 38.

Entry proceeds on the day will go to the Red Cross.

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