News National Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch clash over Trump

Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch clash over Trump

Hinch happened to be walking by as Hanson was giving an interview. Photo: Twitter
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One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has come under fire from fellow upper house politician Derryn Hinch after weighing in on Donald Trump on Monday morning.

She said while the US presidential hopeful’s comments were vulgar, “it’s not unusual for other men behind closed doors to possibly make those same comments”.

Senator Hinch fired back, saying, “Donald Trump, in any manner or form, is absolutely disgraceful. [That] you as a woman can even make any justification for what he has said … the man is a sexual predator and he’s a disgrace”.

Senator Hanson denied that she was condoning Mr Trump’s comments, but said the people of America were “looking for a change”.

Watch the clash below:

Fellow Senator David Leyonhjelm said the US presidential hopeful was 70 years old and those remarks – although distasteful – used to be a lot more common.

“He’s a man of his times perhaps, so perhaps you could cut him a little bit of slack,” he told reporters in Canberra on Monday.

“A lot of nasty things are said about men too,” he said.

Senator Leyonhjelm said the more important question was whether it affects his ability to be a good president.

“You can’t really tell that from the fact that he’s a misogynist.”

Minister for Women Michaelia Cash, who has previously come under fire for refusing to label herself a feminist, denounced Mr Trump’s comments.

“They were disappointing, and they were wrong, full stop.”

Meanwhile Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called Mr Trump’s comments about groping women were “loathsome”.

“They deserve the absolutely universal condemnation that they’ve received,” Mr Turnbull said.

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