News National Turnbull’s biggest achievements. Ummmm … let me think: Credlin

Turnbull’s biggest achievements. Ummmm … let me think: Credlin

Peta Credlin
Peta Credlin's silence was damning. Photo: AAP
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Former Tony Abbott chief of staff and renowned Malcolm-Turnbull-basher, Peta Credlin, has done it again, firing a snide broadside at the Prime Minister over his perceived lack of action.

Appearing with News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt on Sky News on Monday, Ms Credlin was asked to nominate Mr Turnbull’s greatest achievement as he approaches the one-year anniversary of his ascent to the top job.

But the former Abbott staffer who was sacked after Mr Turnbull took over and whose autocratic management style was blamed for much of the Coalition’s ills at the time, Ms Credlin struggled to find anything nice to say.

“Well, by the skin of his teeth he didn’t lose to Bill Shorten (at the July 2 federal election),” she said with what Mr Abbott may have referred to as a “s**t-eating grin”.

“Oh Andrew, I’m pressed,” she went on.

“They (the government) signed the Free Trade Agreement (with China). They didn’t negotiate it, that was done before, but they signed it.”

But Mr Bolt wouldn’t accept that answer, saying the FTA was merely a piece of paper that required signing. It was clearly not a policy or initiative that benefited the Australian people, he said.

“As I said, he stopped the country from being run by Bill Shorten,” Ms Credlin said. “That’s the best I can do at the moment.”

Ms Credlin had also earlier blasted the Coalition, saying that the government had been “embarrassed, humiliated and excoriated” over its bungled losses on the floor of parliament last week.

“They’ve lost all the momentum they had,” Ms Credlin said on the show.

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