News National The New Daily is new again: welcome to the site

The New Daily is new again: welcome to the site

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As The New Daily approaches its third birthday there is plenty to celebrate.

Since launching in October 2013 with the aim of freeing the news, we have built a large and growing audience. Readers are commenting on and sharing more of our stories than ever before. And we are publishing some great journalism, like today’s exclusive on how eBay sued an employee and, in the process, unwittingly blew the whistle on its own financial sleight of hand.

Today we are proud to relaunch our website, offering you a completely updated experience of The New Daily.

During the redesign process we had one clear objective: put the reader first. We wanted to get out of the way and give you better access to the stories you care most about.

With that in mind we created a site which makes it easier to get from one story to the next and offers you only the most relevant content, whether you’re interested in federal politics, finance, the latest celebrity news or footy.

For newsletter subscribers, who receive our free edition at 5am each day, the new infinite scroll feature puts our top stories all in one place, meaning you won’t need to hop back into your inbox to find the other articles you want to read. A reading pane on the right hand side of the site will enable you to skip straight to the stories you want.

If you only want to read the latest news in technology, for example, simply scroll over the sections at the top of the homepage and take your pick from the five most recent articles (pictured below). And with an enlarged breaking news team now monitoring world events, The New Daily’s homepage will be more vibrant than ever.


We have also updated the site for mobile users. Whether you are browsing on a phone or with a tablet balanced on your knee, the experience will be smooth, fast and simple. Other features include:

• Contextual multimedia with beautiful image galleries and video
• Social media sharing single-click simplicity
• Super fast page-load times
• Enhanced search functionality

The end result is a news website that is useful, informative and entertaining. But as always, we would love to hear your thoughts. If you experience any technical issues please send a message to our web team, or you can write directly to me:

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy the new site.

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